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New Year looms. The turkey has been devoured and all those neat wrappers are but a faint memory. As we all awaken from our food comas and anticipate the upcoming round of celebrations, the question arises: what to do in the next few days beside marvelling at how the old year just flew by?

Test all the gear

Chances are you’ve received a device that runs on electricity as a gift this Christmas. Take these days to put it through its paces, if it’s a Fitbit, do the 10.000 steps, if it’s a camera go out and take a ton of pictures. Firstly, it will feel great to play with the new toy, but it will also uncover any potential defects or issues.

Catch up on your reading

Remember all those interesting long reads, articles or entire magazines and books that you said you were going to read this year? Now is the chance to do just that. Grab a mug, fill it with your choice of eggnog / tea / coffee / lukewarm citric acid and go to town on all the content you had to put aside because of, you know, everything else that was more important at the time.

Don’t wait for the New Year

Instead of making empty promises you can’t keep, try and actually plan what you are going to do.

Want to travel? Mark potential dates in your faux leather bound calendar you got from your second favourite auntie.

Want to learn a new language? Get Duolingo and start the course right away.

Do you want to start getting fit? Don’t wait for the 1st of January the roll around, hit the gym on the 27th. It will be open, and what’s better deserted.

Go near

You don’t need to catch a plane to see something new. Your immediate and slightly more remote surroundings have plenty of things to see and do, perfect for these few days where a fully fledged foreign excursion would be unviable. Hike the nearest hill with friends who were busy all year, go to a museum or take the train to a gig two hours away. Apart from burning a few excess calories along the way, you’ll be surprised how much potential fun you’ve overlooked.

Hang out

If the remnants of the oversized Yule log is becoming an issue, get pals to come over and clean up whatever food you’ve grown tired off during the Christmas festivities. If presented neatly, you can appear to be a brilliant host while reducing food waste. This is also a good opportunity to hook up the new Bluetooth soundbar or games console to entertain your guests.

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