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You’ve probably come across the practice/ethos/cult of Danish Hygge, centered around comfort, knitwear and wrapping your hands around a mug of your favourite hot beverage by the fireplace while letting out a distinctly life positive sigh.

So, instead of regurgitating the merits and practicalities of this cozyness focused lifestyle trend is all about, we invite you to immerse yourself in the culture, even if for a week at a time.

The Hygge Week

Monday: Night without any screens. Blue light has been shown to mess with our circadian rhythm, especially in the evenings. No Tablets/TV/Computers, answer the phone only if it’s the family Bake Off prospect looking to bring their latest experiment over. Connect with those other strange humanoids lurking around your dwelling (referred to as family or roommates in bygone eras before WiFi), grab a bottle (or two) of wine, and try to change the world for the better for an evening.

Tuesday: When was the last time you had a proper bath? Exactly. Do yourself (and optionally, your SO) a favour and get some bubbles in your life. Instead of the usual harsh spotlights or eerily blinking neon in your bathroom, put a bunch of candles out and let your senses relax as you submerge.

Wednesday: Create something. It doesn’t have to be Sistine Chapel impressive or complicated, I for one decided to bake a cake for my office buddies. It’s all about that sense of accomplishment when you finally take a step back and admire (or cringe, depending on how lofty your goals were) the thing you made from scratch.

Thursday: Bring nature in to your home. Pick some leaves at the park to put under a glass or buy some flowers at your nearest florist to add some soothing natural colours to your living space. If you already have potted plants, get some fancy new pots and reward the ferns for their year-round loyalty. Smaller succulents and cacti are great for the lazy/forgetful and for flats where floor space is at a premium.

Friday: Movie night with friends. Something Facebook is actually useful for. Gather your mates and watch a cheesy VHS classic, or go deep with an art film. The point of movie night is experiencing shared with people we enjoy hanging out with.

Saturday: Grab your coffee-filled travel mug, your ridiculously oversized knitted scarf and a playlist of your favourite tunes and head for the hills, literally, not in the fleeing like a madman way. Alternatively, the nearest park will do if you want to avoid icy toes and a frozen nose this time of the year. Hygge is all about comfort after all.

Sunday: After braving the elements the day before, you’ve earned a Pyjama day, nice breakfast in bed, lounging around the flat with plenty of comfort food, blankets and your favourite box sets – no plans to stress about, just relaxing all day.

Want to share the comfort of the Hyggelig lifestyle this Christmas? Send one (or a bunch) of our Christmas cards to those who could really use some Hygge in their life!