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Sustainability has rightly become an increasingly important consideration for the printing industry. The final destination for printed items is usually a recycling centre, whether it be cards, magazines or flyers. So we, as printers (not to mention the consumers) are becoming ever more mindful of where materials come from and how they can be recycled. So how can printing become fully sustainable?

Use certified sustainable paper & card

There are a variety of high-quality sustainable papers available on the market. These are offered in various grades and finishes and have the same high-quality printing ability of virgin paper, yet are better for the environment. With no higher cost to consumers, it’s a no-brainer!

We all want to reduce our carbon footprint and this is even more important given the climate change targets we must all strive to meet. Print media is still vital to marketing and advertising your business, so it’s important to be conscious of the materials we print on, to reduce the impact on the environment. Remember; reduce, reuse and recycle!

Making the right paper choice

Anyone who has worked in or with marketing departments know there are always ‘rush jobs’ that have to be done yesterday. This can lead to a lack of planning on the type of printing & documents required. Often when jobs are rushed, the wrong types of materials are used or too much is printed. We are experts in advising how many copies to order and the type of materials which are best for your project. Though it’s tempting to solely look at the price, it would be beneficial to ask our advice on what materials are best for your job. Using too thick or heavy card will raise your carbon footprint, not to mention your costs, so a little friendly advice will go far.

Check, check and check again!

One very simple way to reduce waste is to ensure that your copy (i.e. words!) are print-ready and correct, so that printing errors can be minimised. Having a good copywriter and proof-reader to write your text and ensure it is free of spelling and grammatical errors is a vital step to cutting waste. If errors are only found when the materials are printed then you risk potentially wasting perfectly good paper. Of course, at Paper Isle we always do our utmost to catch errors and ensure zero waste in prints. We also liaise with our customers and create digital proofs, so you can check these are exactly what you require before we do a full print run. Eliminating errors is a sure-fire way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Carbon Off-set and Planting Trees

At Paper Isle, we do all we can to reduce waste, recycle and minimise unnecessary packaging. We are proud to not only use sustainable card and papers in the first place, but also invest in carbon offset by planting new trees for the equivalent of every one used. Effectively, we’re doubling-down on our sustainability efforts. Further to this, we will be offering the option to support organisations related to sustainable forestry and the environment. This would ensure at least 1 tree is planted in the UK, for every Christmas card order. We believe in a brighter, ethical and more responsible approach to business and we’re concentrating our efforts on becoming carbon neutral. We hope you can join us!