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If you work in an office environment, you will be familiar with the notion of Secret Santa. The pressure of buying a gift for somebody you know nothing about. The disappointment when you receive a bad gift you’ll never use. Or the surprise when you get something you actually like!

Take a  look at our list below of some of the best and worst gifts you can buy. We would like to think you’ll take inspiration from the good ones, but if you happen to pick your office enemy, we’ve also got your back…

 But let’s start with the basics – The history of Secret Santa.

 The tradition of giving anonymous gifts at Christmas has its roots in Scandinavia, where Secret Santa is known as “Julklapp”. This word is compound combination of “Jul”, which means ‘Christmas’ and “Klapp”, which means ‘to knock’. In Scandinavian countries, tradition says that you knock loudly on a door, open it and throw the gift into the room or leave it behind without being seen by anyone. The Scandinavian Julklapp has another unique custom associated with it. Rather than writing a name on the gift, a short and funny message is included instead. Based on what is written, the guests at the Secret Santa event can then figure out which gifts are meant for whom, usually accompanied by lots of laughter.

The Rules of Secret Santa

Do: Participate

Even if you’re feeling more like the Grinch than Santa this holiday season, not participating can make you stand out as someone who isn’t a real team player.

Don’t: Force participation.

Secret Santa should be voluntary.

Do: Set a price limit.

Keep in mind people have holiday budgets and might not have counted in office gifts. The average money spent on the gifts is £10.

Don’t: Get gifts that are personal.

Do: Thank your gift-giver

Even if you don’t like your Secret Santa gift, you should still show your appreciation for the gesture and thank your Santa.

Do your Research

Top 5 worst Secret Santa gifts

Box of Pens

4 pack of Red Bull

whoopee cushion

A scratch card

A pack of Lynx shower gel and deodorant

Top 5 best Secret Santa gifts

  1. Portable Mobile Power Bank
  2. Sweets Selection Box
  3. Alcohol and Food Hampers Gift Hamper, Tea Hamper, Cider Hamper
  4. Portable coffee mug or water bottle!-i-thought-you-said-gin-personalised-water-bottle.aspx
  5. Personalised calendar

 Whatever happens in your office this year, just remember it is a bit of festive fun for everybody, so avoid getting overly offended should you receive a particular gift, so please – DO: REMEMBER TO PRETEND TO LIKE YOUR OWN GIFT, DO NOT: LEAVE IT ON THE TRAIN HOME.