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Regardless of the type of work going on, most office environments are not designed with fun in mind. It is up to us, playful humans to entertain ourselves in these, ahem, functional surroundings.
Ideally you’d do these to boost morale and not tank productivity, so be sure to keep your wits about you.

Photoshop battles

Send an awkwardly timed photo of a co-worker or yourself to all the creative types. If the material is right, visual hilarity is sure to ensue. You can get specific by doing themed challenges (i.e. payday pirates, nostalgia November, office oracle, etc.). Remember to respect each others privacy and dignity, don’t go too overboard with the source material. It’s all about a healthy bit of banter, no need to dig up the most embarrassing stuff.

Office Assassin

Image used under CC license from Dani Latore

A true and tested favourite of summer camps, Assassin is perfect for the office environment. Every participant gets assigned a “target” colleague. To keep destruction in the office to a minimum, a “weapon card” is used to “eliminate” targets. Showing the the card to your victim officiates the “kill”. The victim then hands over their target(s) to their “killer”. This goes on until there’s only one assassin left. Establish a couple of “safe zones” to save going to the loo or microwaving your lunch becoming a stealth operation. You’ll also need a referee to settle disputes and to keep score.

Email Chess

The turn based nature of chess means it’s perfectly suited for email correspondence. Use the native chess programme on the computer and send screenshots back and forth. Most Windows and Mac operating systems will have one. Advanced players can get even more cryptic by merely sending their moves in text form, circumventing even the strictest office Big Brother.

Telephone Pictionary

Combines the “packet loss” mechanics of the game Telephone with the ridiculously low average drawing skill that is at the core of Pictionary.
Here’s how to play:
Take a piece of paper and at the top write a phrase.
The next person draws the phrase and folds the top of the paper so only the drawing can be seen by the next person the paper gets passed onto.
The next recipient writes what he thinks the drawing means. Proceeds to fold the paper so now only their phrase is visible.
Continue until the paper is full or it reaches the first person.

How you spice up your office hours is only limited by your imagination.
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