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By now the venue for the office Christmas night out should be set and everyone around you is either playing hard to get or just trying a little too much to be hyped about the occasion. If you are planning to go, here’s a few tips to keep the embarrassment and physical injuries to a minimum.

Pace yourself

The office Christmas night is long and full of errors. The first one is slamming shots before the canapes arrive. Unless you deliberately want to go overboard and earn the dubious “legend of Christmas night out” title, starting your evening with a few lighter choices off the drinks menu could be a good idea.

Stay hydrated

Despite being seemingly wet, alcoholic drinks dry you out, the raging headaches that follow nights of boozing are usually due to dehydration. Try to sneak in a couple of glasses of soda water in-between cocktails to keep your insides healthy. Try it with a bunch of ice and lemon if you want to fly under the radar of peer pressure compelling you to keep drinking spirits.

Time your meal

Not in the competitive eating way! If your goal is to maintain a good degree of sobriety, having your office Christmas dinner before the boozing starts will mean your stomach is lined with a bunch of food that can take the edge of the alcohol that follows.

The spirit of office Christmas: Look out for your mates

Staying classy doesn’t just apply to yourself, if you feel a colleague is going a bit too fast and loose (they’ve probably earned the right to let off some steam), you don’t need to make a scene. Just keep an eye out so if things start to go awry you are prepared to avoid the office Christmas night out turning into a catastrophe.

Try not to make out with anyone

At some point your normal levels of articulation and coordination start to drop as your confidence (the trait that hides out in the deepest vestiges of your brain at when it comes to furthering your professional efforts) swells, you might think you are ready to make a move. You are not ready, and neither is the person you think is going to be charmed by your wine breath and cheesy pickup lines you are trying no to slur as you fight to stay on your feet.

While you pick your perfect balance of party proof yet still slick outfit for the night out, or if you are already nursing a hangover why not  have a browse in our extensive catalogue.