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Breaking the monotony of the daily grind while helping your fellow man is a cause we can all get behind, regardless of the charity you end up supporting. From the obvious classics to the game show level complicated (and hilarious), we collected a bunch of ways to put the fun back in fundraising with your colleagues.

Donation buckets/hats/envelopes aren’t just for supermarket exits. Try putting on up at reception or walking around at lunch time with one, you’d be surprised how many of your co-workers are open to support a good cause when they see one.

Flavour of the month – This year our office is getting involved in 3 great charity fundraising efforts.

1. Go Sober for October (raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support-
2. Movember (growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer-
3. Dressember (commit to wear a dress everyday in December- raising money to stop human trafficking-

Put the boardroom projector to good use

Hook up the WiiU that’s just gathering dust in the attic and hosting a Mario Kart tourney with a moderate entry fee that goes to the charity of your choice.

Dunk the boss

Regardless of employee relations, most chiefs could use a dip in a wat of goo. Put the in the hot seat, charge a quid per throw and watch the colleagues line up. Just remind the boss to leave their fancy suit at home on the day.

Charity raffles & betting pools

Everyone loves winning, no matter the prize. Now you can combine bragging rights with benevolence. Furthermore, doing a raffle with themed gifts for Christmas or Easter can get the more hesitant colleagues involved easily. Alternatively, you can draw horses from a hat the next time Cheltenham rolls around.

Dress down days & costume contests

Many offices already have a dress down day where you don casual clothes instead of the usual formal ones. Try putting a spin on the tested and true by turning it into a costume contest with prizes awarded to the most wacky and “least effort” contenders.

Smaller companies (like us) often can’t spare the hours to sink into a massive charity efforts, so being creative by asking clients and customers or the immediate community to join in the fun are ways to still contribute while keeping a tight schedule.

At the end of the day, no one wants contribute selflessly to society while scowling or listening to others grumble, have fun with it and it won’t be a chore at all.

If all of the above seems a bit convoluted, why not donate straight to your favourite charity through our Christmas cards? You even have the option to spread you donation equally between charities!