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Oh yes, no January would be complete without the ambitiously purchased gym pass or language course signup. The “fresh start” feeling of starting a new year can be capitalised on, but you need to keep your wits about you if you want to keep riding the motivation wave.

Start small

Setting lofty or downright unattainable goals is a surefire way to fail whatever New Year resolution you might’ve had in mind. Assess your current situation: is doing 80 chinups or running a marathon in the near future a reasonable target or pure fantasy?

Be open about your New Year resolution

Some people like to keep their goals secret, but if you are in the market for some motivation, nothing will keep you in check better than banter/encouragement from friends. Encouragements are easy to pocket, but it’s the negative voices you should listen to and draw energy from. This it the year you show all the haters!

Failing is okay

In fact, failing is much better than not having tried at all. We’re talking small failures here that can be used as learning experience to strengthen your resolve. Look at the reasons behind what went wrong. Did you end up smoking fags outside the pub after 3 weeks? Why? Was it peer pressure or did you go and smoke alone? Identifying your biggest weaknesses will help change one bad behaviour at a time, making the New Year resolution progress slow but steady.

Make good substitutes

Don’t swap out one bad thing for another in an effort to get away from the first one. If, for example you want to snack less, picking up sodas instead of sweets isn’t really an improvement. Bad habits take as much time and effort to unlearn as incorporating new, hopefully good habits in to your routine so be mindful of these decisions.

Perfection is unattainable

The sooner you except this, the faster you’ll make peace with whatever your rate of improvement is. Beating yourself up over small imperfections will just put undue stress on you. No one wants any of that on top of a hefty New Year resolution.

With all that said, with the right goals and the right mindset, next year is going to be awesome, so good luck and enjoy your achievement!

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