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It’s true, the pressures of work can get to us all, especially during busy and stressful times, it’s not unusual for the office vibe to take a nosedive.

Although difficult periods often pass, your team will always be keen to improve the overall mood at the office. It’s been said a million times before but happy workers make good workers, ensuring a more relaxed and pro-active approach. Put simply: stuff get’s done and everyone’s happier.  The following examples can not only help create a more positive vibe in your office, numerous studies have shown that employee well-being is key to ensuring a company is more productive.  So, here are just a few ways you can help…

  1. Goal Setting – ask Staff What They Hope to Achieve

When working hard, it’s easy for employees to feel a little disheartened if they feel their work is going unnoticed.

Having established what their goals are, you should endeavour to review and recognise hard work, because helping employees reach their career goals will contribute to higher productivity and a better working atmosphere for everyone. That’s a snowball effect worth harnessing!

  • 2. Acknowledge Achievement and Employee Milestones

If an employee has worked hard to overcome a task, then it’s important these milestones are recognised.

There are many ways in which this can be done, be it in the form of a voucher, holiday time or being given more responsibility.

Even something as simple as a personalised card congratulating your staff member can go a long way to let them know they’re valued.

  • 3. Create More Open Space

The office space of yesteryear was normally made up of segregated offices and cubicles, and while such layouts served a purpose, there have been several benefits recorded among businesses that have implemented collaborative working spaces into the office environment.

Creating more space means removing some physical barriers and encouraging teamwork, which also creates a more positive vibe in the office. Think about ways your office could benefit from things like a shared relaxation area or the inter-department hubs made famous by Steve Jobs at Apple HQ, encouraging different branches of the business to mingle more and generate fresh ideas.

  • 4. The Personal Touch Can Make All the Difference

It’s easy for those in a 9 to 5 office to feel like they’re fading into the background, especially in a large company.

Celebrating special occasions like birthdays and Christmas with personalised cards will remind employees how important they are and help maintain a more positive vibe in the work arena.

Of course, using professionals to produce a personalised corporate Christmas card ensures the finished result makes a real impression.

  • 5. Communication is Key!

During times of deadlines and pressure, it’s understandable that memos and emails get rushed.

However, not taking the time to ensure there is the clarity could mean there is confusion among the workforce. It seems obvious… so obvious it’s routinely ignored!

Take time out to ensure documents read well and be concise, this ensures there is no reason for information to be misunderstood. Make sure everyone knows what’s expected of the task and that everyone’s on the same page.

It can also be useful to offer a point of contact in case anyone needs further clarification. Understand some people respond better to spoken (auditory) instruction, whereas others will be much more visually orientated (text and graphic representations). Try to provide both if possible.

Knowing everybody is working together towards a clearly defined goal ultimately means less stress and, no doubt, helps provide a more productive ambience in your office.