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Hyge office desk

Hyge at work

Hygge (pronounced ‘hue-gah’) is a Danish concept that’s taken the UK by storm thanks to Marie Tourell Søderberg in her book; ” Hygge, The Danish Art of Happiness.”
Hygge is the sensation of familiarity, of being seen and recognised, and feeling at home. Hygge is for everyone, whoever you are and wherever you are.
We are incorporating those hygge-feelings of warmth, happiness, and shelter into our homes but how to do the same at work where we spend, on average, over 40 hours?
How can we inject some hygge into our own workplace?
We share our top 6 tips below…
1.The fundamentals of hygge is an appreciation for nature, adding a small plant will help you relax and will create extra CO2 for the office.
2. Personalise our offices as much as possible – make your desk your own, add a framed photo of something that makes you happy, add a desk lamp with an orange bulb to soften the light around your desk or a candle, bring a favourite mug from home
3. Make the most of your lunchtime by actually leaving your desk and going for a walk. You don’t have to stay chained to your desk all day long.
4. Get to know your colleagues. Building relationships is all part of hygge.
5. Get into the routine of having habits. Why not suggest that on the last Friday of every month, somebody brings in cookies so you can all enjoy a nice coffee brake together? 
6. Make an office playlist- Listening to music keeps things from feeling too soulless or quiet.
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