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With people communicating electronically almost exclusively nowadays, receiving a physical greeting card is becoming somewhat of a standout experience.

As a small, independent business it is in our best interest to pay close attention to the latest trends and changes in our industry.

Greeting Card industry facts and figures from 2019:

  • The UK greeting cards market is performing very well, The UK still remains the
    number one country in the world for greeting card sales.
    UK card purchases remaining the top of many peopleʼs lists for birthdays,
    anniversaries, Motherʼs Day, Valentineʼs Day and Christmas.
  • Over 100 million Christmas Single Cards were sold, bringing the total for the
    Christmas card market to one billion cards sold in the UK.
  • No other country has such a tradition of card sending or card display in the
    home – the sending and receiving of cards is an important part of our
  • We buy more cards per person than any other nation – 33 each a year.
    The UK card industry is acknowledged to be ten years ahead of the rest of
    the world in terms of design.
  • Charities estimate that £50m is raised for good causes through the sales of
    charity Christmas cards each year.
  • Greeting card designers are working to create designs that are more
    attractive to younger consumers and a positive response has occurred
    because of it.

A certain air of prestige comes with the feeling when you open up a greeting card that
you know was picked out especially for you, a quality that can’t be emulated by electronic messaging.

When queried, most of our clients point to this sense of intimacy as the key motivation behind sending out cards each year to their respected partners in business.

As for us, as long as we can continue to keep up with changing consumer preferences, the future shine bright (or gleams bright off the glossy surface of our lovely Christmas Cards).