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Time Management and How it can Save you money

We all have busy professional and family lives, sometimes it can be difficult to juggle commitments successfully without dropping the ball every now and then. Invariably we forget things like birthdays and anniversaries and have to rush out to make amends with a rushed gift or card. Add to the mix remembering corporate events and you’ve got a lot of diary entries to manage. Nowadays though, getting organised can be easy – and even fun! There are lots of automated assistants like Amazon Alexa to give us helpful reminders and many different diary apps which we can use to programme in reminders. Schedule Planner is a great app (available on Appstore or Play store) which helps you plan out your day, giving you custom alerts and repeat tasks. It’ll help you stay on task without getting distracted!


One of the keys to getting organised is planning ahead. If you have a lot of different events (both corporate and private) in the form of birthdays, anniversaries and work events, it’s vital to plan them into your year. An automated tool such as an online mobile diary is the perfect way to do it. You can just plug in the event, the time and ask the system to remind you a couple of days or a week before and you’ll not only have a visual record, but also an email reminder which will pop up giving you plenty of time to make arrangements. All you have to do is turn up in your best attire and set about impressing your host with your undeniable charm! The best bit about planning is that you can actually enjoy and look forward to the event in question, without having that last minute rush of what to buy, what cake to bring and getting a card. Last minute panic is no fun for anyone.

Think Ahead – Saving Money

The best time to plan for a yearly event or party, is straight after the last one has happened. That way it will be fresh in your head, including what they’ve received this year and what you might be able to get them next year. It means you’ve got a whole year to spread the cost and think of something really thoughtful. Plus, you’ll definitely save money by thinking about the birthday gift early. Everyone knows the best time to shop for Christmas presents is in the January sale. It’s also one of the best times to grab a bargain and save a fortune on next year’s Christmas. But quite often, we’re all so last minute with our shopping due to our busy lives, we end up blowing our cash in December, just in time for Christmas. Then come January, we’re paying off mountains of credit card bills. What if, just once, we did a bit of forward planning and squirrel away some great bargains in the January sales? Think how great it would be not to have to worry about expensive gifts but, instead, about how much you were saving due to the massive January sales discounts. Moreover, the vast majority of your shopping would be complete at the start of the year. Of course, this strategy only works if you have the resolve to put the gifts away and avoid the temptation of giving them out during the year! So, you really need an iron will and a big attic to make this strategy work!

Clothes shopping – an undeniable part of events!

Christmas parties, weddings and big corporate events all tend to suck a big chunk of our funds. Let’s face it, we all want to look our best and that comes at a cost. However, if you’re savvy about shopping and are determined not to be a victim of fast fashion, you can grab some great bargains throughout the year at end-of-season sales. Buying quality clothes at big discounts is key. Look for versatile pieces for your wardrobe that will carry you in style through any big event, whether it’s a summer or winter wedding or a flashy corporate evening-do, where you have to dress to impress. With a bit of foresight and good timing, looking fabulous doesn’t have to cost the earth and avoiding disposable fashion also has environmental benefits, meaning a more sustainable future.