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Cards for Companies

Let’s face it, there’s a lot card designs out there. And whilst we’re being honest, we could also consider that there’s a lot of bad designs out there! A lot of the same old stuff, a lot from companies that have been running the same designs year in, year out for three decades. A lot of designs that are just a little naff, tired or unimaginative.

At Company Christmas Cards we like to keep our designs fresh and vibrant, something that reflects current styles without being ‘faddy’, on themes that are held in the consciousness of the business world, and the wider consumer world at large – after all, every company is a collection of people and a personalised Christmas card is a message of a more personal nature.

We hope to have something for everyone, something for every nature of business, that will project a strong and professional image. When choosing your design, approach it like any other target marketing exercise – try to consider who your customers are (cutting edge or more traditional, young or…not so young, a small company or a multi-national corporation).

We have arranged our cards into helpful themes to help you chose a design that’s right and you can even sort by price so that the budget’s right. Our helpful staff are on hand every stage of the way to aid you in your decision.