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As Christmas slowly creeps towards us on the horizon, we lit a few turkey-stuffing scented candles and meditated with our stockings on to reach clarity on the trends that will define the Christmas Holiday this year. We’re predicting nostalgia for Christmases gone by, honouring traditions, getting creative with shapes and colours and back to nature will be the spins of the season.

1. Joyful childhood celebration

Inspired by the seemingly ever lasting yearning to times where we had a much harder time existing (Google Maps, anyone?), be ready to bank on some of your best childhood memories and mementos to conjure up the Christmas spirit.

joyful childhood christmas moodboard

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With the re-release of classic Christmas gifts like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 4K remasters of Disney classics hitting the shelves and the throwback packaging for many Christmas delicacies, the next best thing to time travel is more easily accessible than ever. All aboard the nostalgia train!

2. Authentic Christmas tradition

Celebrate craftsmanship, natural materials and handmade gifts to achieve a tranquil festive period this year. As Christmasworld fair 2017 / 2018 puts it: “Trends for 2017/18 represent a call to take advantage of Christmas and other festivals during the year and create some agreeable time out for oneself.”

authentic christmas moodboard

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A relaxed festive atmosphere can start with taking some to make the gifts ourselves, as opposed to frantically rushing from busy shop to shop in a pursuit to spend money we don’t have on stuff we don’t want.

3. Touch of nature

Time to break out the pot-pourri and the firewood! This Christmas style is inspired by natural themes and dressed up in muted colours, fine materials and sensitive textures.

touch of nature christmas moodboard

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Are your immediate surroundings are missing the snow-capped mountains of idyllic Christmas cards?Visual representations of such themes create a festive atmosphere that is light and airy. (think lot’s of white snow, ice, frozen branches) A gentle touch of nature can also be achieved through transparent materials, ceramics and gold to reflect the warm glow of the fireplace.

4. Geometrical chic

If you are tired of the same family heirloom set of baubles, borrow a page from the avant-garde. Use sharp angles (preferably few at eye level!), strong contrasting colours, geometric compositions to construct an extraordinary Christmas look.

geometric chic christmas moodboard

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This eye-catching scheme can be further boosted by some sculptural elements, or making use of the interior architecture. You’ll appreciate your doorways and window frames like never before!