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Your Corporate Image & Christmas Cards

Picking a Christmas Card might be easy on the face of it – Christmas Tree? Santa Clause? Rudolph & Reindeer? How hard can it be? The world’s not going to come crashing down if you get it wrong, but with a little thought and consideration you can maximise the potential of whatever goals you want to achieve for this particular piece of marketing. 

Capitalising on your corporate branding is also a major element of the service we offer. Here’s some things to consider when choosing a card:



Our range of Christmas cards contain a wide variety of themes! Have a think about what is most suitable for your company and also your customers. Maybe your customer base is more globally oriented and Christian themes would be unsuitable. If you offer professional services, maybe cute styling or the more fantastical elements of Christmas mythology (we’re looking at you Rudolph!) might not be for you. Or maybe you simply want something that reflects or speaks to the local nature of your business – a card specific to London, for example.


Your company name and/ or logo can be printed on any of our cards, on the front or inside. If you would like your logo printed in colour, in addition to your considerations on the theme of your card, it’s a good idea to also think about the  colour scheme of a card that suits your logo, whether it be a matching or complimentary colour!


The final consideration may also be with regards to the format of your logo. It’s difficult to squeeze a long, rectangular logo into a space designed for a square or circular one, so make sure you think about where your logo will fit to show off your company name at it’s best!

We offer a free, no-obligation proofing service so if you’d like to see how your logo would look on a range of cards, simply send us an email quoting the name or code of the card you’re interested in with your logo attached!