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There’s nothing that says “customer care” better than a thoughtful corporate gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive: something personalised, with the appropriate branding to represent your company can give a real boost to your business. A practical corporate gift, like a key ring, cup, pen or every-day-use item, really does act as a fond reminder of your business. It’s also a great way to strengthen your brand and be seen by your customers. Whether your organisation is a charity or a business, there are affordable corporate gifts, from stress balls to notepads, which can really help to promote brand and make you visible in a busy marketplace.

Fun Stuff – Corporate chocolates

If it’s coming up to Easter, you might want to consider a corporate chocolate gift or Easter egg with your company branding. It’s a surefire way to build popularity amongst your customers and one which will keep your clients sweet! If those gifts have strong branding and are personalised to your company, so much the better. Gift giving builds relationships which can be greatly strengthened by the corporate gifts you choose. The type of chocolate you choose and the quality of the corporate gift really does reflect the quality of your organisation, as people will imbue your brand with the same qualities as the corporate chocolate you’ve chosen. Put simply, the product’s prestige will figuratively rub off on you!

Corporate stationery

It’s a crowded marketplace out there in terms of corporate stationery, but it’s still a great option for getting your brand out there. Personalised post it notes are inexpensive and always in demand whether for quick phone messages or shopping lists. It pays to be a bit quirky as that will make your brand more memorable. Make sure you go for funky shapes and colours to stand out in the crowd. Corporate greetings cards are another great way to brand exposure. Using a corporate card at key holidays during the year can be an excellent way to pass greetings on to your customers and suppliers. Once again, your chosen design and message should be chosen carefully to reflect your organisation’s values.

Branded Promotional bags

Everyone needs a reusable bag, especially if it’s a sustainable bag for life. The type of fabric you choose for your bag will reflect your company values. So, if you want to push your ethical stance and help reduce your carbon footprint, choose an unbleached sustainable cotton bag or burlap, which can proudly carry your logo. Choosing a longer strap will prove popular as a shopping bag and will get your brand seen on multiple occasions for groceries and Saturday clothes shopping trips. Remember, always make sure to get something that reflects your organisation, it’s values and quality. If you can create corporate gifts, stationery or promotional materials with creativity and panache, the message you’re projecting will be effective and show your branding off to maximum potential. Make customers remember you for all the right reasons!