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Most people celebrate Christmas in places completely unsuitable for a real, living Christmas tree. You wouldn’t have an oak standing in the corner of your living room, and it is no surprise that many are opting out of still picking pine needles off the carpet in February.

Alternative Christmas trees could be a fun a way to jazz up the holidays while being a bit frugal and/or creative, depending on the circumstances.

If you have limited room and can’t set up a full sized silver pine in your one bedroom flat, or you just prefer a DIY Christmas tree this year, whatever your reasons for choosing an alternative Christmas tree, there are plenty of ways to evoke the spirit of Christmas without having to wander around a dark forest with an axe when it’s freezing out.

Wooden Christmas tree

If you still want some resemblance, reclaimed wood is a pretty safe bet (duh). Apart from being eco-concious, you can scale your tree to the space it will occupy, no more awkwardly oversized branches gently brushing against your living room ceiling.
wood christmas tree moodboard
There is an almost unlimited room for experimentation when it comes to “recycled” Christmas trees, so don’t be afraid to break out the hacksaw and the measuring tape.

2D Christmas Trees

If you have an upright wall, you can have a Christmas tree, even if it exists on one less physical dimension than you might be accustomed to. Try putting up fairylights in the shape of a Christmas tree, or cutting one out of green felt.

2d christmas tree moodboard
You can also have numerous smaller paper or card trees scattered around so the holiday spirit surrounds your home. As with their Wooden counterparts, 2D Christmas Trees are prime territory for some DIY: paint, draw, recycle old christmas cards and family photos to give your alternative decoration a personal touch..

More Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

If the aforementioned techniques didn’t pique your interest, take a look at the moodboard below to kick start your Holiday creativity.
Alternative Christmas Tree Moodboard

Even if you end up with the real thing (again) this Christmas, be sure to greet your friends, partners in business and loved ones with a Company Christmas Card this season.

Be sure to check our blog for more ways to put a different spin on celebrations this winter.