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Behind the Scenes at Paper Isle . . .

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Behind the Scenes: The Creative Process

The birth of every card starts with the seed of an idea. At Paper Isle, we try to think differently.

Rather than simply creating an image that ‘looks nice’, we consider current trends, emerging industries and even
the odd bit of current events and social commentary. And sometimes we just create images that look nice!

Drawing & Painting

With our concept in mind, we start sketching the artwork to see if it looks as good on paper as it did in our heads! We use a plethora of mediums; pencil, pastel, watercolour and oil. Both physical media and, moving with the times, digital artwork too!

Not only that, we do model making and photography too. Often we will combine mediums and techniques to create something special.


With artwork complete, it’s on to production! Our wonderful pre-press people prepare the digital files. We then use our own in-house presses, printing on thick, high-quality sustainable card. Great lengths are taken to ensure the finished card faithfully reproduces the original artwork in crisp, bright full-colour.


Now to the digital foiling. This is a lengthy, complex, multi-stage procedure, involving 2 machines and multiple passes.

However, we think the effort is worth it and results in beautiful, shiny products you can’t help but admire!


Next it’s on to ‘finishing’. Again, multiple machines are involved: a creaser is used to give the cards a nice, deep crack-free fold. Then the excess paper is trimmed by the guillotine on all 4 sides, later to be recycled.


Finally your cards are complete. They are packed into our sturdy double-walled boxes, including their premium white peel & seal envelopes. They will make their way to you via next day courier service, ready to find new homes in the hands of your grateful recipients!

Show your clients you care, with a Paper Isle Christmas Card.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about choosing and personalising your Christmas cards, get in touch with us and we will help you through the process.


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International Tel: 0044-2039-506508

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