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Documentaries are really good now

It’s 2018, and after all the tears shed for 2016 being the worst year ever (was it really though?) 2017 was… kind of okay? Nevertheless, the best way to seem smart in 2018 is to catch up on all the brilliant documentaries that came out last year, we’ve gathered some of our personal favourites so all you need to 2018do is press play.


Semi-pro cyclist and film maker Bryan Fogel just wanted to see how difficult (or easy) it was to dope and win. As he enters a brutally punishing Alpine cycle race two years in a row, he ends up in a geopolitical thriller on a global scale. He also introduces us to one of the most endearing characters ever to appear in a documentary. Russian sports scientist and mastermind behind the state run doping program Grigory Rodchenkov is a teddy bear of a person and executor of devious cheating at the highest of levels. Truly a riveting experience, Icarus is one of the best sports/ anti-doping documentaries out there.

Long Shot

Juan Catalan, a Los Angeles native get’s arrested for murder he insist he never commited. His alibi is being at a baseball game at Dodgers Stadium. His only way to prove it is… unused footage from an HBO comedy. Larry David and the Curb Your Enthusiasm crew were shooting in the stadium that day. The hunt for the piece of raw footage that will prove his innocence begins. Despite the title Long Shot has a runtime of less than 40 minutes, definitely worth the watch.

Jim & Andy

The film starts out as a behind the scenes look at Jim Carrey adapting Andy Kaufman’s persona for the 1999 film Man on the Moon. Where it ends up is a bittersweet confession of a not exactly broken but also, not perfectly whole man. He also happens to be one of the great comedic performers of our time and a sensitive soul who got his universe a bit warped. Not the easiest of viewings, but a refreshing, extremely candid change of pace from the regular Hollywood celebrity documentaries

The Farthest

12 billions miles away a man made object is about to leave our solar system and enter the void of deep space for the first time. The tiny Voyager probes, launched 40 years ago and carrying the message of humanity on their gold plated discs are symbols of hope and exploration unlike anything that has been created before or since. Presented by the top scientists and educators in the field, the Farthest pays homage to the probes that boldly go where no one went before.

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