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Snack Cap Lens Caps

For the obsessive photographer in the office, this is one of the most practical and tasty gifts you can get. Even better if they got caught up in the gourmet burger / food photo craze of recent times.

Portable Hand Turbine


Are you the Secret Santa of that one coworker who always nags people for phone chargers, as if wall sockets and USB ports are in short supply? You can get them out of your hair and appear thoughtful at the same time, with this nifty crank charger.

Cloth cat/ Dog end tea towel holders

Careful with this one, you never know what passes for cheeky and what is considered distasteful. Personally we found these towel dispensers to be on the fun side of inappropriate. Available in dog and cat variant so you can adjust depending on the secret Santa recipients preference.

Cinema in a box Smartphone Projector

No more rubbernecking around the tiny screen when the newest fail compilation rolls around. Could also come in handy when stuck in an elevator and dire need of big(ish) screen entertainment.

Desktop Mini Pool

If your colleague is a self proclaimed pool shark, they will definitely enjoy a quick game next to the office printer. Get cheeky and practice a few games before presenting it to pull of a classic pool hustle.

Bear, Eagle or Ghost Claw Back Scratcher

With 3 distinctly different claw-figurations to choose from, the telescopic back scratcher will provide relief in times of great need. Also without having to infringe on the personal space of colleagues.

Cork Cactus Memo Holder

A funky, analogue way of keeping track of your extended brain. Pin your brilliant lunch ideas (“Ham and cheese… AGAIN?!”) or important appointments (“the neighbours dog, 5:38 PM”) to keep those exceptional thoughts from floating away.

DoxieBall – Waste-paper Basket Game

Bin basketball is a timeless classic, yet many still seem to lack the proper guidance (or skill) to actually make sure the paper lands in the bin. Time to up your game!

Beard Baubles

The ultimate accessory for the office hipster in your life. Who knows, they might even become something of a fashion trend (but let’s hope it doesn’t).

Grow Your Own Coffee Plant Kit

If you had a coffee bean for every time someone mentioned being unable to function without coffee… you’d still need quite a fair few more to be worth anything. Nevertheless, the gift of observing their next brew blossoming into a proper plant before yielding tasty beans is definitely something your can’t-exist-without-my-morning-coffee secret Santa giftee will treasure.

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